Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Home, New Life

The last few weeks I have felt like a nomad.  After a three week period that included moving, Christmas, New Years, and a little vacation in Colorado, I was very excited to get home and settle down.  Although settling in at home is a little different than it has been in the past because I am settling into my parent’s house in San Jose.  Living in a new place has different challenges to the routine that I had for myself when I was living in the East Bay area.  I have to find new places to bike, run, and hopefully find a new team to swim with.  I still plan on training  at the Olympic Club in San Francisco and I am excited to be able to use more of the facilities there now that my focus is on training.  (Definitely want to start checking out the nap room…)  I have to say that the move to a new spot has had me pretty anxious.  However, after getting out for a ride and run in the 70 degree weather today, I have become slightly less anxious.  I am starting to get a grasp on what, where, and when I might be training and I am excited to prepare myself to compete at the best of my abilities.  I hope that this finds you enjoying the New Year; I know that I am excited for 2012 and I hope that you are as well.  

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