Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Race Schedule

I have finally come up with a close to finalized 2014 race schedule.  As has been the case for the past two seasons my main focus will be on the Rev3 Series.  I am also very excited to be able to make my return to Wildflower.  I won the Olympic distance race as an amateur in 2009 and that was really my start in becoming a professional triathlete.  TriCal races were my first experience racing has a pro and I truly loved going to their races when I was living in California.  I will also be doing my first Challenge Races and really look forward to racing near where I went to school in Davis for the Rancho Cordova Challenge race.

I had a very solid off season/base training phase back in California and aside from a few bike crashes, I believe it was a very good experience and hopefully will pay dividends throughout the entire season.  (After getting over about 50 stitches in just a two month period this winter; I am officially beating my brother, Chad, in the “who has the most stitches competition.”)  I am really looking forward to getting started on some races and making 2014 my best year yet!

2014 Race Schedule

Oceanside 70.3
Wildflower Triathlon
Rev3 Knoxville
Escape From Alcatraz
Rev3 Williamsburg Rev3
Challenge New Albany
Rev3 West Virgina
Rev3 Maine
Rev3 Pocono Rev3
Challenge Rancho Cordova
Rev3 South Carolina
Rev3 Florida Rev3
Laguna Phuket Triathlon

Challenge Thailand