Tuesday, May 15, 2012


After my race at St. Anthony's I had to realistically take a step back and look at what my goals were for the 2012 season.  I went to St. Anthony's because my goal for the season was to be abel to qualify again for Hy-Vee. However, my finish at St. Anthony's didn't put me in a great position as far as my point total was concerned.  At first, I immediately tried to find out what races I needed to go to in order to score some points and get back in the mix for qualifying.  But, after discussing my goals, both long term and short with my coach, I realized that Hy-Vee wasn't in the cards for this year.
I have gone through a lot of changes over the last few months.  Between going through my first major injury, moving to a new state, changing coaches, and changing to a different training style and philosophy, the progress that I can make as an athlete will take some time to develop.  Although I am disappointed that I won't be toeing the line at Hy-Vee this year I feel very comfortable in my decision to get in some quality training and have a more conservative racing schedule; especially when compared to the past two years.  I am excited to keep up the great work with my coach Grant Holikcy and the rest of the Apex Coaching crew here in Boulder.