Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kemah triathlon-aquathlon world champs

Last weekend I headed to Kemah, TX for an Olympic distance triathlon. This was my first time not competing at the St Anthony's triathlon since I turned pro. While it was a tough choice to not go to St Pete, mainly because of staying with my awesome homestay and friend Todd, Kemah fit a little better with my preparation for the beginning of the Rev3 series.

I've spent the last month since Oceanside 70.3 doing some solid training and some single event races. I did a TT in Boulder on my new Boardman AiR TT/9.8 which was awesome. And a 5k running race in absurdly windy conditions.

With the solid training I was very excited to get in a race at Kemah and see where I was going into the longer part of my racing season. Unfortunately, a big storm came in the night before the race. There was torrential rain throughout the night and the race organization had to cut out the bike portion of the race; thus making this my first aquathon and what we deemed the aquathon world championships! We did a swim/run only. I was 2nd out of the water and had a solid run but wasn't enough to compete for the win and ended up 4th.

I am now getting ready for my first Rev3 race of the 2013 season in Knoxville!

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