Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Intro to 2011

It has been a long time since I have made a post and over the past few weeks I have gotten in some great training. After Clearwater I started my season by taking my first break as a triathlete. Finally gave my body some time to recover after over a year of training and racing. I thoroughly enjoyed the break and took full advantage of not training. Starting in December I slowly started to begin my training and I was starting my season with something I have never done as a triathlete...base training and also focusing on my run. I have to say that the training has been going great and for the first time in my life I actually feel good on the run. I won my first one race at the angle island 16km trail race and just recently I finished 2nd at a 10mile run race in San Francisco.

Another new thing for me this year has been nutrition guidance that I have been receiving from Marlea at She has been a great resource to me and has helped me in ways that I cannot begin to explain. For the first time in my young career I feel like I have a team behind for this year. Between my coach, John Hansen, Marlea with nutrition, Dr. Gutierrez and Mckenzie at keeping me healthy, and the cooperation from my work, I am getting lots of support this year to achieve my goals. I am excited to take care of the work on my end and have a great year.

I am also very excited to be partnered with some great companies again for next year. I will be wearing the fastest wetsuits on the planet with Blue 70 wetsuits, protecting my eyes and head with Rudy Project, I will be racing in the great suits made by Kiwami, and racing on some of the fastest bikes from Fuji Bikes. I will also be using technical swimming gear from Finis ( (check out the new swim sense). I will also be fueling up and following my nutrition plan with products from Powerbar.

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